The Seer Group | About
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Creating Opportunities

We’re a partnership of HVAC, electrical and plumbing companies.


Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, The SEER Group LLC was established to bring together industry-leading residential and commercial HVAC, electrical and plumbing companies. Our mission is to help our partner company owners grow their businesses, achieve their financial goals, and facilitate planned exit strategies that will benefit the sellers, their team members and customers. Through collaboration and idea sharing, HVAC company owners and managers can make their businesses stronger, customers happier and employees more empowered.

What Our HVAC Partners Say

Specialty Heating and Cooling“Partnering with The SEER Group LLC has been a great opportunity for us to convert some of our equity into cash and diversify our investments.”


– Cory Streeter, Co-Owner and Manager of Specialty Heating and Cooling, Portland, Oregon


“We talked to many people, but never found anyone that we felt met our values.  After some investigation, and meeting with the president of the company, we concluded that this was a company that shared our values.  We are extremely  happy to have turned over the company to this group, and we are confident it is going to be a positive for our employees and customers.”


– Pat Quinlan, Previous Owner of Coffman & Company, Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Our Mission

GROW / Help our partner companies grow their businesses.

ACHIEVE / Help our partner companies achieve their financial goals.

FACILITATE / Facilitate our partner company owners’ planned exit strategies.

BENEFIT / Benefit the sellers, their team members and customers.

How we invest.

The SEER Group LLC seeks partner HVAC, electrical and plumbing companies with outstanding management teams that have the potential to become market leaders. We focus on partnering with companies with attractive fundamentals and values similar to ours – employee/team development and customer service excellence.