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Building Upon Your Success

We help business owners navigate growth, sidestep roadblocks, and build lasting value.


Our goal is to build upon the owners’ legacies and to preserve the cultures of our partner HVAC, electrical and plumbing companies while providing critical resources to help them reach the next levels of growth. The SEER Group LLC has built a unique approach and an innovative and experienced management team to deliver these resources.


Black Lion


How We Help Accelerate Growth

We continually strive to develop new ways to support our partners with guidance, team development and training, and the implementation of efficient processes. We also provide resources for our partners’ investments to grow through additional bolt-on acquisitions. This is an opportunity that is not traditionally available to small- to mid-sized companies.

The SEER Group helps its partner businesses reduce costs through collective purchasing strategies and a growing network of relationships at all levels of the supply chain. By combining centralized, shared resources and volume purchasing power, we realize immediate cost savings and increased value for our partner companies. For many businesses, when they save on equipment and expenses, they have more money to create jobs and gain a competitive advantage.

Our partner companies learn and share best practices – the proven solutions that have worked best for them in their companies. Sharing best practices is an effective way to improve performance by replicating successes and can lead to sustainable growth and best-in-class customer service. Our partner companies have found that sharing best practices provides them with different insights and tested methods that can make consistently achieving excellence easier.

Magnifying our impact.

Our collaborative approach empowers our partner company owners and managers to grow their businesses with the benefit of strong allies that provide strategic, financial, analytical and operational support. We carefully select our partner companies to ensure that we all work toward the same long-term goals. Our management consulting services support our partner companies in five functional areas.

Sales & Marketing


Staffing, Training and Human Resources