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Human resources is an essential but often intimidating part of running a home services business. Our experienced HR team guides SEER partner companies through the always-changing landscape of local and federal employment regulations. With each year bringing new policies, remaining compliant and up-to-date with employment regulations, benefits, and safety is a tremendous undertaking.

As soon as new partners join, The SEER Group ’s Human Resource Department gets to work addressing everything from digital time cards and electronic punching to employee benefits, safety, and more. The SEER Group HR prioritizes federal and state requirements while working within the framework of each company’s culture. The HR team also serves as a liaison to The SEER Group ’s legal resources where needed.

The opportunity to delegate HR strategy and planning to The SEER Group ’s HR experts comes as a great relief for many General Managers.

The SEER Group ’s Human Resources Department directs:

  • Payroll Operations
  • Employee Benefits & Enrollment
  • Local & Federal Compliance
  • Workplace Safety
  • HR Training