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Eric Beardemphl


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Eric Beardemphl has been in the residential HVAC industry for over 30 years, the last 29 as an owner operator at Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning. He has capitalized on the massive changes in the industry, growing the business by embracing the fantastic new product offerings available to the customer combined with utilizing the new avenues of marketing. Eric has embraced these changes but realizes that maintaining a commitment to efficient processes and consistency of implementation is the key to success.

HVAC Company Growth Skyrockets

Eric joined Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning in 1993 when the company had approximately 10 employees and roughly $300,000 in annual revenue. He looks fondly back to those early days that included going door-to-door looking for work, stopping by every job site he saw, and occasionally scrambling to make payroll.

Over the last 29 years, he has helped guide and grow the business to over 200 employees with annual revenues exceeding $40 million. Eric enjoys the day-to-day challenges and opportunities to expand the business to other related in-home services.

Committed to Taking Care of Customers and Employees

While this approach brings new and exciting challenges, he remains committed to the core principles of taking care of each customer and finding the optimal path for every employee to grow within the company.

Eric likes spending time with other HVAC owners and key personnel to discuss the industry and share best practices. He has found that through collaboration and idea-sharing, HVAC company business owners and managers can make their businesses stronger, customers happier and employees more satisfied.

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